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    I don't know what "mae" means so I'm kinda confused about these sentences.

    "kare wa neru mae ni yomimasu" I have no idea at all what that means. Something about "he" and "reading"

    "kare wa shigoto no mae ni koohii o nomimasu" Something about drinking coffee at work?

    "watashi wa shigoto no mae ni asagohan o tabemasu" Something about eating breakfast at work?

    "juukyuu wa nijuu no mae ni kimasu" Only words I really know there are 19 and 20
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    mae means before
    ato means after
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    Thank you, Wishful. In this thread and the other. :)
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    1. He reads before bed/going to bed

    2. He drinks coffee before work

    3. I eat breakfast before work

    4. 19 comes before 20

    This looks like Rosetta Stone stone I had the same confusion when I met up on them at first because it translates a bit backwards to English
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    If you want to use the word "mae" yourself, you can use one of the following constructions :)

    (X - noun of place) no mae ni arimasu.
    Meaning: I am/stand in front of/before X.

    (X - noun of place) no mae de (verb of action).
    Meaning: I do ... in front of/before X.

    (verb of action Y) mae ni (verb of action Z).
    Meaning: Before doing Y, I do Z.

    In front of each of the above sentence, you can add (name)-san ga to put Mr/Ms (name) as subject.

    For the rest, I second above posts o:

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