Magé [maguey] or Tequila Agave

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I would like to know if the word Magé is used in other areas for the plant commonly known as the tequila agave or blue agave. I do not find it in any dictionary.

Quiero saber si otras gente usan la palabra magé para nombrar la planta que usan para hacer tequila. (please correct my Spanish)

In La Peñita, Nayarit, Mexico locals call the agave plant used to make tequila magé. Can anyone verify this? Did I spell it right? Is it used in other areas?
  • Hajt

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    In Spain we just call it agave (although the common agave, not the tequila yielding one, is known as pita). As for your Spanish, just remind you that the word 'gente' is singular -even if it describes a plural idea. So you should say
    ...otra gente usa ... / ...otras personas usan ...
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