Mag-ingat ka

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  1. green_fairy New Member

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    Hey guys!
    I would like to learn Tagalog.
    What does 'mag-ingat ka' mean?
    I have a friend from Manila and he can't speak English fluently, so I decided to learn Tagalog.
    Can anyone help me please?
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  2. MarFish Senior Member

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    It means "take care".
  3. green_fairy New Member

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    Thank you :)
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  4. epistolario

    epistolario Senior Member

    Mag-ingat ka = Be careful.

    But it may depend on the context.

    When someone leaves the workplace and says goodbye, we normally say to him or her: Ingat! (take care)
  5. sangrecaliente.sangchaud Senior Member

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    I know "ingat" means "remember" in Malay.

    This actually have the same root.

    When you say "Mag-ingat ka." or more colloquially "Ingat ka", you are asking him to "remember to take precaution".

    Though many of us wouldn't know this connection, aku ingat Bahasa Melayu dari Bahasa Tagalo sama ini. :D
  6. biankita Member

    "Mag-ingat ka" can mean a lot of things when taken into context.

    For example, if you say "mag-ingat ko" after receiving instruction, it usually means you should be careful or take precaution with the instruction.

    If said when you are about to embark on a dangerous task, "Mag-ingat ka" can mean "Don't be too hasty." or "Do be careful."

    If said as a parting word, it can mean "Take care!" Although, it's usually said more casually as "Ingat!" or "Ingat ka." It is a common farewell greeting in the Philippines.

    There are more though.

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