Magari, Figurati, Ti Prego

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by LiveOn2Wheels, Jan 29, 2007.

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    I'm sorry to ask a question that probably doesn't have a good answer, or at least not an easy one, but these three expressions seem to apply to similar situations but I'm not sure. Here's what I know:
    Magari - "That would be great", or "I would love that", or "if only I could"
    Figurati - not really sure, but it seems to be used in similar situations as Magari
    Ti Prego - "if you please", "help yourself", "be my guest", "please do"

    Aiuto per favore! :confused:
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    Hey guy....

    I've seen "magari" more like "I wish" - Is that a million dollar check? I wish!
    HERE's a nice little ditty on figurati.
    Ti prego - I think you got the gist.

    But the natives are just now thinking about awakening from their sleep and they will give far better answers.
  3. runningman

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    Figurati io lo tradurrei con Don't mention it
  4. sweetiepie Senior Member

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    O Don't Think About It, Don?t Worry, It Was A Pleasure...
  5. Nicholas the Italian Senior Member

    All these expression can have different meanings.

    Magari: "I wish", like TimLA said, but also "maybe", in some ironical/sarcastical way.
    "Hai vinto alla lotteria?" "Sì, magari!!"
    "Magari se metti la benzina la macchina parte..."

    Figurati: "Don't mention it", like runningman said, but also "no way", and also "guess/figure what?"
    "Grazie mille!" "Figurati, dovere"
    "Non ho mai detto bugie in vita mia" "Ma figurati!"
    "Sono venuti proprio tutti, alla festa. Figurati che c'era persino XYZ!"

    Ti prego: "be my guest" (generally without "ti"), like lo2w said, but also "I pray/beg you", or just "I ask you", or "please don't be silly"
    "Posso entrare?" "[Ti] prego!"
    "Ti prego, non abbandonarmi!"
    "Ti prego di andare a prendere il pane"
    "Non ho mai detto bugie in vita mia" "Ma ti prego! / Ma fammi il piacere!"


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