magbabago kana

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  1. joy88 New Member

    Could someone give me the English words for magbabago kana? I could not understand it. Thanks.
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  2. DotterKat Moderator

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    English (American)
    You will change or you will be changing (ton caractère ou ta personnalité changera).
  3. Anicol New Member

    My first post :)

    bago = new/fresh

    kana should be separate "ka na"

    ka = you

    na = now

    i am not sure on the mag ba bago but i think it means "changing"

    so i think "magbabago kana" means "you keep changing?"

    but i am new to tagalog and could be wrong
  4. joy88 New Member

    Salamat poh!!

    could it also mean: what do i get in exchange?
  5. DotterKat Moderator

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    Welcome Anicol and joy88!
    No. That would be more along the lines of: Anong (Ano ang) makukuha ko kapalit?

    Also, "you keep changing" would be something like: Parati kang pabago-bago (ng isisp, ng ugali, atbp).
  6. Bunso New Member

    Looks more tike it should be "Magbabago ka na." translation is "You are changing already" or "You're already changing" maybe this was said as in -You look different-
  7. DotterKat Moderator

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    "You are changing already" or "you're already changing" is Nagbabago ka na.

    The thought underlying the sentence "You look different" can be expressed in a number of ways, such as: Parang may iba sa iyo or Naninibago ako sa iyo.
  8. Anicol New Member

    Magbabago ka na seems incomplete, Siguro magbabago ka na = maybe you will change?
  9. mataripis

    mataripis Senior Member

    I think it is "Nag iiba ka na". (you are changing already)

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