mahal kita

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  1. Adamsbe4 New Member

    I am new and don't understand this language.
    I have a male friend who has begun to use the term "mahal kita" when signing off email or instant messaging.
    This is always done after I have closed communication so I don't have opportunity to ask about it.
    What does this mean and why would he wait until I'm unable to question or respond?
  2. rempress Member

    It means "I Love You"
  3. Adamsbe4 New Member

    Now I am confused....why say this upon exiting giving no chance to respond? Perhaps it's just something to say meaning a strong like and not really love as between man and woman.
    I have used this I'm closing to him
    (written) which he has written back......Mahal din Kita ?
  4. maelv Member

    Hi, "Mahal din kita" means i love you too.
    I dont think its used for a strong like but I know only very basic tagalog.

    My GF uses also "Iniibig kita".
  5. Adamsbe4 New Member

    Thank you for response. Does iniibig kita have same meaning as mahal kita?
  6. DotterKat Moderator

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