Mahler (surname)

  • I assume "repast" is just another word for "meal" incorporated into English from the French word repas (which means "meal").
    I think it probably doesn't imply anything anymore...

    How many 'Bakers' do you know who actually bake professionally? 'Smiths' who are actually blacksmiths? 'Coopers' who actually make barrels? Etc...
    Well obviously at this point in time the last names don't imply the professions, but in terms of geneology, this is quite useful. It makes total sense because my last name right now is Miller and it came from Mahlen- to grind, like what happens in a mill. thanks for your help toadie!
    By the way, the verb that that name would come from would be "mahlen" which has nothing to do with meals.
    That is correct. The word "Mahler" as name of a profession is attested as an old variant of "Müller" (miller). To me this is more plausible an assumption for the origin of the family name than "Mahler" in the sense of "guest at a meal" (which is also attested).
    It is possible. Names have several variants. Additionaly the same name can be derived from different roots.


    Die Schreibweise der Nachnamen hat sich im Laufe der Jahrhunderte manchmal geändert. Die Kenntnis seiner Variationen wird Ihnen helfen, Ihren Familienstammbaum zu erstellen.

    Source: MAHLER : Herkunft- und Genealogie des Namens

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    Mahler Definition des Nachnamens:​

    Mähler rheinisch Form für Mahler, der Maler. Im Mittelalter waren Maler und Glaser verwandte Berufe (Zunftgenossen), insofern sie auch bunte Glasfenster malten. Vereinzelt steht Mahler jüdisch für Levy.