Maillot échancré,semi intégral ou intégral

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  1. Hello
    I'm translating the price list for hair removal in a beauty salon and am not sure about the following terms:
    Maillot échancré - as échancré means "high cut" or "low cut" - would this be the "high-cut bikini line"?
    If it is,then what is :
    Maillot semi intégral ou intégral : is this Hollywood (removal of most hair) and Brazilian (full removal of hair)
    I've been Googling to get an idea of what's what in the waxing game!!! Can anyone help please?
  2. XPditif Senior Member

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    français (France)
    So I don't know the english terms (hollywood...),
    but yes, integral is removal of ALL the hair, semi-integral is removal of most of the hair.
    I know of "maillot" (removal of the hair in a bikini shape (so no hair sticks out! when wearing a bikini), but not of maillot échancré (which must be a with more removal than the regular maillot).
    Hope you'll manage!
  3. Thanks for this - I think I'll just use "bikini" for échancré ... it's suitable vague!
  4. XPditif Senior Member

    Planet Earth
    français (France)
    That would fit I guess...
    Maybe "maillot tanga", or just "tanga", speaks more to the mind...
  5. marynet New Member

    salut! alors...
    Maillot normal = bikini line
    Maillot échancré = extended
    Intégral (sans derriere) = brazilian
    intégrale = hollywood

    Je travaille dans un institut en angleterre et ce sont les noms que nous utilisons
  6. Dr. Baha'i Senior Member

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    I suspect that the English equivalent of "tanga" here is "thong." I don't know if they say "thong wax," though.

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