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    I am attempting to translate a brochure about a food fair and i would like to ask your opinion about this paragraph:

    Main business platform

    Expoalimentaria is the international meeting point for select buyers from five continents, specialized in the food industry, as well as production, processing, trading, export and/or packing companies of a wide selection of foodstuffs products from agribusiness and fisheries indutries in Latin America



    Thanks in advance!
  2. catamaran Member

    If you can translate it into simple english:)
  3. ommporto New Member

    Hi, I suggest you to break it down into seperate sentences. Some of your translations are a bit awkward if not downright mis-leading. And I fixed your punctuations for you.

    Expoalimentaria是一个面向五大洲资深采购商的国际展销会。 主要领域是食品工业, 也涉及生产、加工、贸易、出口和包装领域。展销会将展出类别繁多的拉丁美洲的农业和渔业产品。

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