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    Could you give me a hand about the translation of the word "main pages"?

    We encourage students and teachers to visit our main Abenaki language and culture pages for in-depth information about the tribe
    Nous encourageons les étudiants et les professeurs à visiter nos pages principales sur la langue des Abénaquis et leur culture, pour plus de détails sur la tribu
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    I think your translation is fine.

    The English may be slightly odd. It is not clear what function "main" has in the statement. If the "main" pages have in-depth information, what is on the other pages? Usually this implied contrast, main-other, suggests summary information on the main pages followed by detailed information on the other pages. But here I think "main" is actually meant to be contrasted with some summary pages - the writer intends the detailed pages to be seen as the "main" pages. S/he is entitled to see it that way, but to be clear I'd think it better to be explicit and talk about "detailed" pages rather than use the ambiguous "main". I don't know if the French "pages principales" conveys the sense of "detailed".
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    Thanks a lot clairet :),

    You have provided very detailed explanations :),
    to give you more context:

    the pages have a short summary at the beginning about the subject then they provide lots of links which are classified by themes.

    Hope it helps,
    Have a good day

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