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How would you interpret mainlevée in this context? (Also, if anyone has any suggestions for jakuir or aldée, they would be much appreciated).

Le Nabab lui accordât un jakuir de seize aldées et la mainlevée d’un tribut qu’il était oblige de payer aux anciens rois canarats pour avoir la paix et la communication libre par son pays.

My attempt:

The Nabob accorded him a jakuir of sixteen aldées and the delivery of a tribute that he was obligated to pay to the former Canarats kings to have peace and free communication throughout his country.
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    He had to pay a tribute to the the former Canarats kings. The Nabob, as a gift, allowed him to stop paying this tribute.

    (For jakuir you should open an new thread, perhaps someone know... Aldée means village. )
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