mais que demais,

Discussion in 'Português (Portuguese)' started by jbr, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. jbr New Member

    Melbourne, Australia
    English and Spanish
    From the song By Caetano Veloso:

    (Voce e linda),
    mais que demais,

    How could I say this in English. Something more appropriate and maybe more colloquial than simply
    'very beautiful' or 'really beautiful'.

    Would appreciate any ideas.

  2. olivinha Senior Member

    Português, Brasil
    Hi, Jbr.
    To keep the poetic feel to mais que demais, I would translate it as You are better than great.
  3. white_ray

    white_ray Senior Member

    Portuguese PT
    Hi jbr,
    “Mais que demais” means “more than too much” literally; thus very beautiful, splendid, marvellous, stunning...
    I think we could say "you are beautiful, so very much".

    "Você é linda, Mais que demais, Vocé é linda sim... Onda do mar do amor, Que bateu em mim..." ^.^
  4. dexterciyo

    dexterciyo Senior Member

    Español - Canarias
    Something colloquial: "way too much"
  5. Ricardoreis Senior Member

    English (British)
    I don't know why, but the word 'beyond' came into my head in this context.

    I use it a lot in a colloquial sense to indicate that a person is so beautiful (insert any adjective here) that it is hard to find the correct word.

    "That girl is beyond beautiful", literally, more beautiful than language permits us to express. Perhaps another option for 'mais que demais' is 'more than words can say'?

    If the idea is to keep some sense of poetry, you could try "You are (beyond) beautiful, more than words can say"
  6. jbr New Member

    Melbourne, Australia
    English and Spanish
    Thanks to all for your ideas,

    It's challenging to find adequate translations to colloquial expressions. Nothing seems to hit the spot in the way the original does but (and that's the beauty of different languages) I'm leaning towards something like :
    'You are lovely .. so very beautiful' .

    Muito obrigado!
  7. white_ray

    white_ray Senior Member

    Portuguese PT
    Nice combine! :)

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