maison de plain-pied / plein-pied

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  1. Tchoun New Member

    France - French
    Comment traduit-on en anglais (dans le cadre d'annonce immobilière): une maison individuelle de plein-pied?
    Merci d'avance

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  2. floise Senior Member

  3. buzz_montp Member

    could be either speeling I believe,,,

    perhaps a "detached bungalow" as it says house, not apartment/studio etc.
  4. Tchoun New Member

    France - French
    Thank you!
  5. Floor Senior Member

    North of France
    French France
    The right spelling is plain pied although many people think it's plein-pied but wrongly.
  6. david314

    david314 Senior Member

    Clayton, Missouri
    American English
    a ranch house?
  7. floise Senior Member


    I think a ranch house is the same as what is called a bungalow up here in Québec (there is no second floor), and I would consider this as being a house in the category of 'plain-pied'.


  8. maxwell87 New Member


    je voudrais traduire "une maison de plein pied" pour exprimer le fait qu'une maison est construite sans étage supérieur.

    merci d'avance.
  9. sam's mum

    sam's mum Senior Member

    England English
    bungalow is a possibility
  10. Gutenberg

    Gutenberg Senior Member

    Province de Québec, Canada
    français international
    one-storey house
  11. Lewis New Member

    Salies de Béarn
    England, English
    The plan was to build a normal, two-storey house, but the bricklayers ran out of bricks. They reported this to the site foreman who said, "Never mind, just bung a low roof on it".

    I just Googled "maison plain pied" and got 2,800,000" results, while "maison plein pied" comes close with 2,700,000 or so results. The book "Damp Squid" explains this phenomenon: it's quite like "pomme de terre en robe de champs/chambre" or "one fell/foul swoop" etc...

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