Major and Minor subjects


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Hello, I am applying for a master of management of natural resources & the environment, in one of the forms on "Course of studies-preference" they ask me for the following:

Major subject
2nd Mayor subject / 1st Minor subject
2nd Minor subject

The areas are Economics, Business Administration, and Environment & Resource Management.

How do I put them?

  • Hi, I'm Environmental Engineer and just can tell you: Great!

    I believe this is a personal choice.

    Just order the subjects according your preferences...
    major subject --> materia principal

    [¿esa era la pregunta? ¿o era una traducción de los que significaba cada materia?]
    Thanks for your reply, so I according to you, it's right if I write it like this?

    Major subject: Business Administration
    2nd Major subject/ 1st Minor subject: Economics/Environment & Resource Management.

    It is my first time applying for this...
    I guess:

    Major subject:Business Administration
    2nd Mayor subject / 1st Minor subject:Economics
    2nd Minor subject:Environment & Resource Management

    Good luck in your studies, if i can help you, please tell me.