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My reference resource for verb conjugations is the seasite table of verb conjugations. With reference to the root word kalimutan, the seasite table shows these 3 conjugates: nakalimutan (completed); nakakalimutan (incomplete) and malilimutan (contemplated). In a dialogue on youTube, I saw the word makalimutan. Here is the context: Lumílikha ako ng ugnáyan ng mga salita para hindi ko makalimutan. What is the status of this word with the ma- prefix? Is it the infinitive? What would be the command? A few examples would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help.
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    What is the status of this word with the ma- prefix?

    ma- and maka- prefixes are used when one is able to do the action which is usually caused by another action.
    These two prefixes act as "to be able to".

    Bring it closer so I can reach it.
    Ilapit mo pa para maabot ko.

    Try it so you can experience it.
    Subukan mo ito para maranasan mo.

    I can't go outside because it's raining.
    'Di ako makalabas dahil umuulan.

    They're also used when there's a possibility.

    She might get angry.
    Baka magalit siya.

    You could get poisoned.
    Baka malason ka.

    They could escape.
    Baka makatakas sila.

    In your case, this phrase "...para hindi ko makalimutan" basically means " I can't forget it."


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    1. Gumawa ka ng listahan ng iyong bibilhin para hindi mo makalimutan.
    -Make a list of what you will buy so you do not forget.

    2. Ilang ulit ko kinabisa ang aking script para hindi ko makalimutan.
    -I memorized my script several times so I would not forget.

    3. Paulit-ulit ako sinabihan ng aking ina na huwag ko makalimutan isarado ang pintuan.
    -My mother repeatedly told me not to forget to close the door.