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    Thank you for your message. We already have this figurative sense of 'make a dent' in our English base. Here are the entries in our English to Spanish dictionary, for instance:

    make a dent in [sth] v expr figurative, informal (reduce noticeably) (figurado)hacer mella en loc verb + prep
    reducir vtr
    Paying for a new roof has really made a dent in my savings. Despite all the interruptions, I managed to make a dent in the work.
    Pagar el techo nuevo realmente ha hecho mella en mis ahorros.
    make a dent v expr figurative, informal (reduce [sth] noticeably)reducir vi
    recortar vi

    Some of our dictionaries are older and more complete than others, so if you didn't find 'make a dent' in the language pair where you were looking for it, it may be that it hasn't yet been added to that dictionary. If that is the case, it will be added in the future.