Make a friend, make Peace


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J'ai besoin de votre aide svp.
Je travaile sur in proet de traduction et j'ai quelques soucis.
Tout d'abord je sais pas comment traduire la collocation 'Make friend, Make peace' (...).
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  • Bonjour,

    Peux-tu nous donner ton essai de traduction, du contexte, nous expliquer ce qui te pose des problèmes.
    Es-tu sûre que la phrase anglaise est "Make friend" sans s ?
    Merci de m'avoir repondu.
    Voici la'extrait du texte:
    Ronny Edry's Ignite talk on 'Make a friend, make Peace' does capture the simple ways that mutual friendship, even if virtual and online can reaffirm our commonality of purpose in living in a world that we share.

    Le sujet de mon essai est la consolidation de la paix par le biais de la technologie
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    I wouldn't look for anything too sophisticated. I've just listened to Edry's "Ignite" talk (he's not a native English speaker) and frankly, the language is "familier" and simple. He wants people to go on his pages and "friend me" - "amie(z)-moi" :confused:.
    Thank you Sir for your help.
    This is what I thought but my tutor said that I should look for another translation .
    First, I decided to translate it as 'Se reconcilier avec autrui' but I didn't know if it was right.
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