Make a left out of the parking lot onto Jeruselum Ave

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by pessa1661, Nov 12, 2007.

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    If I wanted to give directions to someone in Italian, how would I translate this sentence:

    Make a left out of the parking lot onto Jeruselum Ave. At the stop sign, make a right onto to Wantagh Ave. Go straight and make a left on Park Street.

    ???? Vai a sinestra dal parcheggio a Via Jeruselum. Al segno di fermata vai destra a Via Wantagh. Vai sempre diritto e va a sinestra a Viale Park. ?????
  2. Syd shines

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    Hi! I'm your personal navigator!

    "Predi a sinistra fuori dall'area di parcheggio (immettendoti) in Jeruselum Ave.
    Al cartello Stop vai a destra in Wantagh Ave. Prosegui dritto e (infine) svolta a sinistra in Park Street"

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