make a posture / take a posture

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    The website from which you have taken your first example is very badly written and carelessly edited. We wouldn't orally say "make a beautiful posture."

    Your second example sounds odd as well, but it might be possible to use "posture" this way with respect to artistic models.


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    I believe "to assume a posture" is the phrase that is usually used.

    In the first sentence, I'd change "make" to "have."
    And in the second sentence, "to assume" would be a good replacement for "to take."


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    Is it also correct to use "adopt" or "take on" below?
    The artist asked his model to take on a reclining posture.
    The artist asked his model to adopt a reclining posture.

    (I think if someone adopts or takes on a physical position, he moves himself into it.)

    Thank you.​


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    Personally, I wouldn't use "take on a posture" and was going to say "take up a posture" but that doesn't quite sound right to me either. An alternative would be "assume a posture" as suggested by Miba.
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