make a purpose [marking purposes]

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  1. Món86 Member

    I have read "][ shows where the answer is split into two
    parts for marking purposes."
    I don't get the meaning of "making purposes".. And why the answer is splitted into two parts.. like this: "(all) on ][ their own" if it is the whole correct answer..
    any help please? :(

    thank youu
  2. Haz. Senior Member

    Guadalajara, Mexico
    I presume it is for a teaching exercise?
    "To mark" is the same as "to correct", so the ][ is there to help the teacher with their corrections.
  3. Món86 Member

    ah ok!!! So maybe it is for spliting the mark in two parts? If you have wrong one of them maybe it is half the mark of the question?
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  4. aztlaniano

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    Sí. Un punto para la primera parte y otro punto para la otra, por ejemplo.

    Por favor, utiliza la tecla "edit" o "corregir" para retocar una entrada.

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