Make (...) Acquaintance(s)/ Friend(s) (With)


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As a ham radio operator, I've often greeted the ham on the other end by saying, "Happy to make you an acquaintance." But I've recently bumped into the phrase "to make you acquaintances," which has made me unsure of the first expression.

Could you say all of the following?

I'm happy to make
1. you an acquaintance/ a friend.
2. you acquaintances/ friends.
3. your acquaintance/ friend.
4. acquaintances/ friends with you.
"Make friends with you" --- I'm familiar with it, but how about the others?

  • Rob625

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    The standard phrase is "Happy to make your acquaintance."

    Here "acquaintance" means "knowing" and you cannot substitute "friend" for it. You are saying "I am happy that I am making the "knowing" of you." (This last is not good English; I am just trying to explain how the syntax works).

    1. and 2. are simply wrong. You may hear them, but radio hams are odd people. ;)
    3. is correct with acquaintance but not with friend.
    4. is correct with firends but not acquaintances.


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    Oh, okay. Thank you, Rob. Very informative. I think it's just that I failed to catch their words correctly.:)

    How about

    I'm happy to make acquaintance/ friend of you


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