make an application = make an application form?


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Hello, native speakers. I have a question for you. I came across a turn of a conversation like the following in a study aid material.

A: We would appreciate it if you could make your applications on an individual basis.
B: Why don't they do everybody's all together?

According to the original Japanese sentence, A's intention is to ask the people to make an application form on their own. B is making a complaint about it. Is 'make an application' an equivalent of 'make an application form'? My understanding is that they are similar but not identical. I would appreciate it if you could give me feedback. Thank you.
  • Andygc

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    If you "make an application form" you are creating the form, not filling in the required information to make an application. A's sentence asks for individual applications. It does not say how to make the applications - they could be on a form, by letter or orally. If we assume it's on a form, we "make an application" by "completing an application form".