make an effort with someone


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I was wondering how to translate 'to make an effort with someone'
I know that make an effort is faire un effort so would it be; faire un effort avec quelqu'un?
and 'make an effort with them' would be; faire un effort avec eux?
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    C'est juste :)
    On dit aussi souvent faire des efforts (do one's best).
    Au singulier, on fait plus volontiers allusion à un effort particulier et/ou unique.
    Contexte ?


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    I add my welcome also, greenskittles. What Lotuselisa and OLN suggest is fine for your sentence, as it stands. In fact Lotuselisa's version shares all the neutrality/ambiguity of that sentence. But I suspect that context and/or situation might produce versions more adapted to specific case. "He should do what because they a) need something that he as a good soul should provide, b) might prove helpful or useful to him in the future, c) are shy and need to be approached proactively, etc., etc.
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