make an effort with someone

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  1. greenskittles New Member

    English - England
    I was wondering how to translate 'to make an effort with someone'
    I know that make an effort is faire un effort so would it be; faire un effort avec quelqu'un?
    and 'make an effort with them' would be; faire un effort avec eux?
  2. Lotuselisa Senior Member

    oui, c'est ça!
    Please give us the full sentence.
  3. greenskittles New Member

    English - England
    'he should make an effort with them'
  4. Lotuselisa Senior Member

    Il devrait faire un effort avec eux.

    by the way, welcome to you in the forum"
  5. greenskittles New Member

    English - England
    ok thanks a lot :)
  6. OLN

    OLN Senior Member

    French - France, ♀
    C'est juste :)
    On dit aussi souvent faire des efforts (do one's best).
    Au singulier, on fait plus volontiers allusion à un effort particulier et/ou unique.
    Contexte ?
  7. akaAJ Senior Member

    New York
    American English, Yiddish
    I add my welcome also, greenskittles. What Lotuselisa and OLN suggest is fine for your sentence, as it stands. In fact Lotuselisa's version shares all the neutrality/ambiguity of that sentence. But I suspect that context and/or situation might produce versions more adapted to specific case. "He should do what because they a) need something that he as a good soul should provide, b) might prove helpful or useful to him in the future, c) are shy and need to be approached proactively, etc., etc.

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