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Discussion in 'Deutsch (German)' started by angelofmusic101, Mar 19, 2008.

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    How would you say "to make something compulsory"? I want to say "etwas obligatorisch zu machen" but have a feeling you can't use "machen" in this sense...

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  2. Quelle

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    Can you give context?
    etwas verpflichtend (obligatorisch) machen
    But I think depending on context there would be a more idiomatic paraphrase.
  3. angelofmusic101 Member

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    yes sorry, I want to say "before it was made compulsory for all boys to become members of the HJ.." something like: "bevor es obligatorisch gemacht wurden, fuer die alle Junge Mitglieder von der HJ.."
  4. Quelle

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    Then I would say:
    Bevor es für alle Jungen verpflichtend war, Mitglied bei der HJ zu werden,...
    Bevor die Mitgliedschaft bei der HJ verpflichtend war ...
    Bevor alle Jungen Zwangsmitglieder der HJ werden mussten ...
  5. angelofmusic101 Member

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    thank you so much!! I think I'll use the first is there a difference between verpflichtend and obligatorisch or is is just down to preference?
  6. Quelle

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    No, there is no difference, "verpflichtend" is a German word and "obligatorisch" a word of Latin origin.

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