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"Making sales calls" or "doing sales calls" can mean either making sales phone calls or doing door-to-door sales. For this reason, it's best to avoid these ambiguous expressions and instead say "making sales phone calls" or "telemarketing" if you sell something over the phone, or "paying sales calls" or "making sales visits" or "doing door-to-door sales" if you sell something door-to-door. Do you agree?

A: I'm really exhausted....I want to change jobs....
B: That sounds serious. May I ask what your job is?
A: Making sales visits.
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    I agree that call is ambiguous.

    In your example, I would probably use the traditional term door-to-door salesman (salesperson) or travelling salesman (salesperson). The older term is commercial traveller. And as you said, the person who rings up to make sales is a telemarketer.
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