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Discussion in 'Deutsch (German)' started by CoolDiamond, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. CoolDiamond Senior Member

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    I need to translate a Website button which reads "Make Featured". The purpose of the button is to make videos and photo albums and members featured (in fact the website is being build and I do not know what actions the button triggers). I know that "featured videos" is translated as "vorgestellte Videos". Now I have to translate the "Make Featured" and "Remove Featured" buttons. I think I could translate "Make Featured" just as "vorstellen" but I believe it will be somewhat confusing for website users. Is there any way to leave the "vorgestellte" adjective in the phrase? Does "vorgestellte machen" sound good? What about "Remove Featured" ?

    Thanks for the help!
  2. ABBA Stanza Senior Member

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    Hi CD,

    I see that no native German speakers have answered your question yet, so I'll offer my two cents' worth first, which will hopefully get the ball rolling. So here goes:

    Good idea :thumbsup:. That's probably what I would have chosen.

    Maybe, but some slight ambiguity is almost inevitable whatever you choose, due to the fact that you're trying to describe a non-everyday action in only one or two words.

    Also, it's not as confusing as the equivalent word ("feature") would be in English, which could be misread as a noun or even misinterpreted as a placeholder caption that the programmer forgot about.

    Not to my ears :). It would have to be "vorgestellt machen" to be grammatically correct anyway.

    I don't know of any opposite of "vorstellen" in this context. The only thing I can think of is "nicht mehr vorstellen". Maybe that's good enough?


    P.S. Maybe "zurückziehen" could also be used to indicate the opposite of "vorstellen" if the context is clear enough? Natives?
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  3. CoolDiamond Senior Member

    Russian - Ukraine
    Hi ABBA Stanza,

    Thanks for trying to help me out. I will definitely use your suggestions if the natives won't be able to help me within a few days. I wish they could as I am somewhat stuck with these two little phrases.
  4. SwissTom

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    You can't use "vorstellen" because it means: to introduce so/sth
    ("I introduced the art students to the legacy of Van Gogh")

    Can you be more specific as to what the button does?

    If it has the purpose of putting that particular video/picture to the top of the list and making it appear on links/previews, I would suggest:

    "Video präsentieren"

    as opposed to

    "Video zurücknehmen"

  5. CoolDiamond Senior Member

    Russian - Ukraine

    I wish I could be more specific with this button's function. But I have only a list of phrases I need to translate. The German version of Youtube translated featured videos as "vorgestellte videos" (most popular videos which are shown on the first page) so I translated all phrases with featured videos and photos as vorgestellte Videos/ Fotos. I am trying to translate the "Make Featured" and the "Remove Featured" buttons using this "vorstellen" word or its derivatives.

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