Make his supporters see their Messiah for the peasant

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High priest(angry with Jesus's behaviour): "If he returns, challenge him. Make his supporters see their Messiah(refering to Jesus) for the simple-minded peasant that he is."
I often saw "see somebody as……”,rather than "see somebody for……". So what does "for" mean here? Does it introduce a reason or on object?
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    I think of it as an idiom, so I don't think I can explain for on its own.

    Here's the Collins Idioms Dictionary:
    see somebody/something for what they (really) are
    to start to understand the truth about someone or something, especially when the truth is bad She suddenly saw him for what he was- a cold-hearted, calculating killer.
    If you use 'as', some of the meaning is lost - particularly the notion of the dawning of a new idea.
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