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  1. AustinAzzuri Member

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    make one's mouth wateracquolina (far venire l'acquolina in bocca)make your mouth waterfarsi venire l'acquolina

    Ciao tutti! Can you help me with the term acquolina? I want to tell my cousin that his wife's arancini "make MY mouth water" (in an e-mail). I found the above translations but do not know how to change to "my mouth". I think the literal translation would be "to make water come to mouth" so here is my attempt:

    Arancini di Salva è incridibile e fanno venire l'acquolina in mia bocca!

  2. Yuri Orlov Member

    Gli arancini di Salva sono incredibili e mi fanno venire l'acquolina in bocca!
  3. Azazel81 Senior Member

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    I just made a few corrections! Enjoy your arancini :D
  4. rocamadour

    rocamadour Senior Member

    Ciao AA! :)
    You can say "mi fanno venire l'acquolina" (to me ;)) or "fanno venire" (generally speaking, to everybody :D)
  5. AustinAzzuri Member

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    grazie tutti! I miss those arancini!!

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