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Our neighbors, despite being poor and being unable to afford keeping a dog, keep one; she always weeps and wails. The probable reasons may be inadequate food and enough freedom given to her. So they make her weep. Is there a term to express what is bold form? In the human society also, some sadists create trouble for others and make them weep. For these two contexts, give me some idiomatic expression to represent the act of making somebody weep.

...something like...They bother her or give trouble to it.
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    In the first example, I'd use 'provoke' along with a gerund: By not caring properly for the dog, they provoke her weeping. As for the second example, in lack of a specific context, I think you can keep it as it is: They create trouble for others and make them weep.


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    I have never seen, or heard of, a dog "weeping". I would expect that if the neighbors are neglecting and ill-treating the dog, she might be constantly whimpering or howling or making some other sort of noise—but "weeping"? I don't think so.
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