make out with law enforcement

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Hello guys,

Could you tell me what means this statement "This wasn't the first time I made out with law enforcement." I am particularly confused by "make out" in this case.

This statement comes from the movie "Stick It."

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    Could you give us more context, please. It could be a woman talking about romantic liaisons with the boys in blue, or someone who managed to escape a ticket or jail time.

    Please describe the situation and what happened for the character (man or woman?) to make this statement.


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    I've always understood it, in the context of the movie to mean it wasn't the first time she'd fooled around and had run-ins with the law. I think the use of 'made out' is probably used for sarcasm purposes, and to highlight the feistiness of the character, as well as imply that these run-ins weren't serious, they were incidents that were over quickly and, taken individually were not that big of a deal.
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