Make people feel bad about themselves...

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  1. pink113377 Member


    I can't figure out how to say:

    Some swear words can make people feel bad about themselves

    the best I can come up with is:

    Los tacos ofensivos hacen que algunas personas se sienten mal sobre sus mismas

    I realise this is probably awful spanish!

    Thank you for your help!!!
  2. españolita80 Senior Member

    Spain Spanish
    Yo diría:
    Los tacos pueden causar un malestar interior
  3. yuoemit Member

    Spain Spanish

    I would say 'a determinadas personas las palabrotas pueden hacerles sentir incómodos' o 'a algunas personas los tacos pueden hacerles sentir incómodas (o mal)'.

    It could even mean 'arrepentida' o 'avergonzada', it depends on the hole context.


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