Make possible connections otherwise unthinkable

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Twitter is terrific. It opens a window on a more diverse and intellectually stimulating world and makes possible connections otherwise unthinkable.

Is the highlighted phrase I quoted from Weibo natural? Thanks.
I wonder if this also works: makes connections possible otherwise unthinkable.
  • Egmont

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    Yes, it's natural.

    You cannot change it as you described because "otherwise unthinkable" (short for "that were otherwise unthinkable") describes the connections. It must stay with that word. You cannot insert "possible" between them.


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    It is a convoluted word order. Here is the same, using more natural work order:

    and makes possible connections otherwise unthinkable.
    and it makes connnections (that are otherwise unthinkable) possible.

    But it is a normal word order -- at least in fairly formal English (writing or giving a speech).
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