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Hi all
What does make your sales quota mean in this context? Of course, she is going to play a joke on her friend.

A couple of years ago, my friend Alex helped me get a job as a slaesperson where she worked- over at Lakeside Department Store. Well, on my first day on the job, Alex was showing me the ropes, and she asked me if I'd been told yet about the first year reward program. I said no. And she seemed kind of surprised. So she tells me that on your first day, new employees get to pick out something from the storeworth up to 500$, and at the end of the year, if you make your slaes quota, you get to pick it- for free- as a sort of reward.
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    If you reach the sales target that you’ve been set. In other words, if the sales you make over the year reach a set number, or the amount of money your sales make reaches a set amount.
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