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Tristan shun

What does 'make sense out of' means ex) she made sense out of all the stuff. <Second question removed. Nat, moderator>
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    Please write full sentences containing the words you want to ask about. Please provide context and please tell us the source.
    Only ask one question per thread.


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    Hello Tristan shun. :)

    Please tell us where you saw this.

    Also, tell us what was being discussed. What was she doing? What did other people do?


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    We need more information. Please give us the complete sentence as it was written. "She made sense out of all the stuff," does not look like a sentence from a book. Was it written that way? Or have you changed it?

    Maybe these threads will help you:
    Note: This is a link to a review of the book, in case anyone is interested: Happyface | Teenreads
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