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I put a straw in a milk box like this picture<link2>), and asked my daughter: "Do you know how to make the box bulge(become larger)?" She answered: "Just blow air into the straw. "

1. make the box bulge.
2. make the box fill up.

I think "fill up" is not good when it is used with "make", so 1# is better than 2#.

Am I correct? Thank you.
  • Myridon

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    One problem is that empty boxes and full boxes are the same size.
    A second problem is that we assume that filling a milk box involves adding milk to it.
    In an unconventional way, it is full already - the milk fills part and air fills the other part.
    "Do you know how to make the milk box fill up with air?" would be okay, but not much of a puzzle.


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    1. Do you know how to make the box balloon? --intransitive:tick::tick:
    2. Do you know how to balloon the box? --transitive:tick:

    I would probably go with choice #1.
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