make the dive myself

Well, I expect the experiment can be repeated more successfully, though I wouldn't make the dive myself for anything I can think of.Does the 'make the dive myself for anything I can think of' means 'bother myself to try anything I can think of'? many thanks.
  • Niblib

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    You're close. I think it's closer to;
    "I wouldn't bother to re-do the experiment for any reason i can think of." Meaning that there's no possible reason why he would want to re-do the experiment.


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    I think Niblib's got it... I would just add that we have an expression "for love or money," as in, "I wouldn't do it for love or money."

    I think "for anything I can think of" is an extension of that thought. He can't think of anything in his wildest imagination -- love, money, reality TV stardom -- that would make him do it.
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