make them friends again/reconcile them


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"But he and Doug have problems again and Doug doesn't talk to him. (...) On May 26, Betty and Rolly Fox go to Halifax. They talk to Doug and Terry. After this, the two young men are friends again."
Source: The Long Road. Rod Smith. PENGUIN ACTIVE READING.

What do Betty and Rolly do in Halifax?

They talk to Doug and Terry and manage to make them friends again.

Do the phrases "make them friends again" and "reconcile them" have the same meaning?

Thank you.
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    I would argue, that in most of its definitions "reconcile" doesn't usually go so far as making the feuding parties "friends again"—it often only means that they are no longer up in arms. There is one definition of "reconcile" which makes it synonymous, as you expected, but I think the simple "make them friends again" is clearer and will ensure that the correct meaning comes through.
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