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"Cette remarque n'est pas la seule qui a fait les Français secouer leurs têtes."

Does this sentence make any sense?

What I am trying to say, is that "this remark (or statement) is not the only one which has made the French shake their heads (in confusion/bewilderment).

I have a feeling that the french sentence does not work very well, am I right? Is there an alternative way of expressing the same thing?
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    Bonjour !

    Maybe you can try this :
    Cette déclaration n'est pas la seule qui a fait secouer la tête aux français.
    But "secouer la tête" is not very used in French.
    I would say "Cette remarque/déclaration n'est pas la seule qui a exaspérée les français." but i'm not sure. If someone else could answer :)


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    Merci beaucoup! :)

    Yes, I have a feeling that "secouer la tête" is not very good in this context, I think it might be a too literal translation. How about the following sentence:

    "Cette remarque n'est pas la seule qui a agacée les Français." ? (I am talking about a statement made by Eva Joly, if it helps knowing the context..)


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    Maybe this is a cultural problem. English people would use this phrase. The Duke of Edinburgh often makes gaffes and people just shake their heads (in amazement/bewilderment/confusion). Perhaps the French just shrug their shoulders and say "Bof! quel con!".
    Ask guipeel if this is possible : Cette déclaration n'est pas la seule qui a fait que les français se haussent les épaules en l'entendant.


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    Hausser les épaules ne traduit pas du tout l'idée de bewilderment mais plutôt de dépit ou d'indifférence.
    J'aurais dit : Ce n'était pas la seule remarque(???)/ saillie/déclaration/intervention qui ait stupéfié les Français.
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