make-up course


Here when a student failed a course during a semester, they have to take a make-up course usually during summer vacation. How do you call it?
Correct me if there is anything wrong. Thanks.
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    Thanks, mother earth and cuchuflete.
    By the way, are remedial classes synomynous with make-up classes?
    Not always, in my experience, although the classes taken in summer to make up for failing during the year are often called "remedial" in our school district. A person may be scheduled into a remedial class during the school year if his scores are much lower than the mainstream student's.

    A "make-up" class can be a single class, rather than an entire course. For example, if a large number of students missed a particular class session because of a school activity or other reason, a teacher may schedule a "make-up" class where he or she reviews the material presented in the session they missed.

    I've also heard, like the others, "make-up course".
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