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- Mom, I failed a quiz. [at school]
- What?! You failed a quiz? Don't worry, coach Williams will give you a make-up quiz.

I just heard this expression which I assume means the possibility to take the quiz once again. It was AmE. What would be the equivalent in BrE? Would it be the same? Are there any other ways to convey the idea in AmE?
  • Lis48

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    English - British
    In BE, we would call it a resit if he has failed it. If he was simply unable to take it, then it would be a catch-up test.

    suzi br

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    English / England
    We don't really use the word quiz for a significant test, either. Quiz conveys an element of fun and maybe part of a lesson during some revision but not a test with marks to worry about!


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    English - U.S.
    A quiz is less significant than a test or an exam in AE as well. However, depending on the course, how it is graded, and how important that grade is to this student at this time, it can still be important enough to take failure seriously.

    (Learners should note that "revision" in the previous post is BE only. In AE we'd call it "review." There are several other threads on that topic, at least one of them fairly recent, if anyone wants to pursue it further.)


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    Based on my experience a test that you retake is called, well, a re-take. A make-up is when you miss the original date for taking the test for some reason or another and you take it at a later date. I agree with Egmont about quizzes, too.
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