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  1. Yaroslava

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    I heard it while watching the video on a prosecutor's and advocate's part during the court hearing: "The prosecutor has to convince the court the offence has occurred, the defense advocate has to convince the court the prosecution haven't made up the case and there's insufficient evidence to convict the defendant".

    What does "haven't made up the case" mean in this context?
  2. grassy

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    I'd understand it to mean that the prosecution hasn't come up with convincing arguments against the defendant (they failed to show that he/she is guilty).
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    I agree with @grassy. "Make up" means "to form or to constitute" in this context.
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    I understand it as trumped up charges, i.e. the prosecution presented false evidence in order to convict the defendant.

    Otherwise it would be "the prosecution has not made a case", i.e. not produced convincing evidence.
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