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Hi, I want to know the difference between this two sentences.

You can't make spaceships out of plastic.
You can't make spaceships with plastic.
( what is the difference between make and make out )
  • RedwoodGrove

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    They mean about the same thing. One difference is that "make with" can mean the condition or state of mind of the maker: "All our toys are made with care and concern for your loved ones." The verb phrase "make out of" almost always means the materials from which something is made/manufactured: "The house is made out of stone and glass."

    There's an old expression, "You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear." The first sentence sounds as if it was kind of copied from that.

    Also, be aware that "make out" (without the "of") means very different things. "Jane and I never make out in public." (Heavy kissing.) "There was a ship on the horizon but Jim couldn't make out the name or country of origin." (Perceive.)
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