Make yourself at home=Get yourself settled?

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Hello amigos!:)

On entering a house, Can I say to my guest: Make yourself comfortable/at home or get yourself settled?

Which of them suits better in the context? Once when I was visiting a friend, she asked me: Did you get yourself settled? What does it exactly mean?


  • vicky1027

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    Personally, I would say "make yourself comfortable" or "make yourself at home"

    "Get yourself settled" is also correct. It just sounds more formal to me and as if something should follow the phrase. As in "get yourself settled and then we'll talk."


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    There's a slight difference in meaning. Get yourself settled generally means "unpack, get your things in order", like putting your clothes away, your toothbrush in the bathroom, etc.

    Make yourself comfortable/at home means "Don't act as if you are a guest who can't touch anything without permission. Help yourself to anything you like, as if you were in your own home."
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