Making love out of nothing at all.

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  1. chacha New Member

    ¿Me podrían decir qué significa esto en español?: Making love out of nothing at all.
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  2. cristóbal Senior Member

    ¿Te refieres a la canción de Air Supply?
    La verdad es que no lo entiendo muy bien. Puede que sea un juego entre las frases "to make love" (hacer el amor) y "to make something out of nothing at all" (exagerar...)
    Pues, no lo sé..., a lo mejor un aficionado a Air Supply nos podría decir qué quiere decir.
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  3. burt81356 Senior Member

    México - USA
    To make love = Hacer el amor
    Out of nothing = de la nada, del vacío.
    Es como un juego de palabras que indica que el objeto de su pasión, no le corresponde y sin embargo hacen el amor pero no tiene gran trascendencia; haciendo (fabricando) algo, sin materia prima.
  4. Lancel0t

    Lancel0t Senior Member

    Philippines - Filipino/English
    Art, how thoughtful of you to give us the lyrics of that song. THanks.
  5. Focalist Senior Member

    European Union, English
    make A out of B
    hacer A de B (fabricar A utilizando B como materia)

    En el contexto de la canción citada por Artrella, entiendo la frase como significando:

    Yo puedo hacer todas estas cosas para demostrar mi amor, pero tú no necesitas hazañas ni nada para expresar lo que sientes...,
    Yo nunca podré estar a tu altura y hacer como tú, tú que sabes hacer el amor sin nada.

    But perhaps that's just my vivid imagination.
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  6. Artrella Banned

    Gracias F. ;)
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  7. chacha New Member

    ¡Muchas gracias!

    Cristóbal: de hecho sí es sobre la canción de Air Supply que Art nos hizo el favor de transcribir.

    Les agradezco sus comentarios.
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  8. Chalon Senior Member

    Viña del Mar
    Viña del Mar-Chile-Español
    Can somebody tell me what does this phrase mean? This is a song of "Air Supply" Do you know?. Thanks in advance.

    P.S.: I understand some words but I don't know how to make the sentence, I reffer how translate it.
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  9. Gabino

    Gabino Senior Member

    Bogotá, Colombia
    Pues la traducción de la canción dice:
    Haciendo el amor a pesar de todo, en español no sé quién la canta, pero es plancha.
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  10. Chalon Senior Member

    Viña del Mar
    Viña del Mar-Chile-Español
    ¿Está en español? :confused: . Debe ser un desastre, así como la mayoría de las canciones en inglés traducidas al español.
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  11. nadasé Senior Member

    Spanish - US
    Haciendo el amor de la nada (de absolutamente nada).
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  12. Gabino

    Gabino Senior Member

    Bogotá, Colombia
    Aún me sigue sonando que la canción como que tiene razón.
  13. malone1 New Member

    mexico spanish
    This is my opinion about the phrase, not gramatical but related to the song's context:
    A man can do a lot of things, even appear easy things, although it requires effort, and preparation, but a woman can do the most difficult thing, create love of nothing at all, she don't need anything for that, because this is in her essence, even the song says than he couldn't make all that things without her love, just an opinion, see you.
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  14. Cubanboy

    Cubanboy Senior Member

    Yo traduciría: 'hacer el amor por gusto o en vano', (o sin un sentido).
    Algo muy triste, ¿no les parece?
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  15. Dafna79 New Member

    US English
    I have been reading some opinions on the real meaning of this phrase from an Air Supply song. I think the lyrics of a son and as in one other art form everyone can interpret it differently, I would love to read more of what you guys think.

    My opinion: He is definitely in love with her. He is capable of doing pretty much anything and does a beautiful job describing her, however she is the only that can make love, meaning making feel love or fall in love out of nothing, meaning that she can make love out of little details, anything she does, no matter how insignificant is making love to him, little and insignificant things she does make him feel and fall in love.
  16. calicorey New Member

    My interpretation of "MAKING LOVE OUT OF NOTHING AT ALL" is the following;

    He knows her very well, probably since they probably have a long history together. That is why he writes;

    I know just how to whisper
    And I know just how to cry
    I know just where I find the answers
    And I know just how to lie
    But through it all, his love for her as been a constant. It may change as both he and it grows and matures. She to him is like a drug that is why he cannot leave her. She knows this and depends on him because of his feelings. That is why she knows if she ever needs him he will be there to pick her up and support her. But as much as he may understand her, he just cannot get past that last barrier she has in her heart. That is why he writes;

    But as much as he loves her. She just may not be able reciprocate his love. She probably runs from him when she starts to feel too much. She turns to others who are more shallow in their commitments to her that may not mean as much to her. This is what pains him deeply confuses him. That is why he writes over and over again;

    Here he talks of why he she makes him feel so good and the reason he has that strong emotional attachment to her. He makes it seem that his whole life is nothing until he he can give it completely to her. That is why he writes;

    Here he talks about his power and success both in sports and personal life;

    Here he is telling her he can make all her dreams come true if she lets him. He can be whatever she wants him to be;

    But as strong as he is, he knows he is very weak when it comes to her. She can make him do things no one else can do, except one thing. He cannot sleep with her without feeling love and emotion. Hence the saying "Making love out of nothing at all". That is why he writes;

    So I guess this is an example of true love where we are most vulnerable. All of us have probably felt this way at one time or another. It is scary how powerful love can be over our soul and spirit. But remember, as vulnerable as he is to her, he is the stronger one. The reason is that he allows himself to be vulnerable, and she cannot. She runs from his offer of true love as he waits for her to trust him enough to love him. Maybe she is not mature enough? Maybe she needs more time to heal? Maybe there are other issues involved ( like drugs for instance) that do not allow her to be able to love him completely. Who knows?

    Anyway, that is my interpretation of this song. I have heard others say it is really about a love of music and the composing of songs and how addicting that can be. To each his own.
  17. aurilla Senior Member

    Puerto Rico
    Am Eng/PR Spanish
    The guy tells her he is making love out of nothing at all in the sense that she doesn't reciprocate all that much, but he makes the best of whatever she gives him...which may be nothing at all.
  18. JB

    JB Senior Member

    Santa Monica, CA, EEUU
    English (AE)
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  19. Hepale New Member

    México - Español
    ¿Sabes? Esa canción yo la traduzco como:

    Yo puedo amar de mil formas, pero no puedo hacer lo que tú haces, "engañar o fingir que amo a alguien".
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