... making things for people now gets more out of doing things for them.

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Hi everyone,

I'm not sure I get the words below right. Please check if I understand it correct, if I'm wrong, please corect me. Thank you.

original text:
Last year China’s output of services, which contributed 46% of GDP, finally eclipsed the output of its industry (44%). An economy based predominantly on making things for people now gets more out of doing things for them.

my understanding:
The revenue of China's service industry was 46% of GDP whereas it accounted for 44% in services. Overall, the former was more contributive than the latter. An economy highly based on manufacturing now gets more from people because it had previously benefited them.

(It's in the last paragraph)
  • macphie

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    It means the Chinese economy which is based on making things for people ( manufacturing ships, trucks, cars, shoes, clothing, electrical goods...) is now getting a larger contribution from services industries ( transport, health care, education, hotels, restaurants, banking....) than from its manufacturing industries.

    So your last sentence could be reworded as "An economy firmly based on manufacturing now receives a larger contribution from its services industries than from its manufacturing industries".


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    I agree with macphie. I think you misunderstood the first sentence of your text.

    Last year China's's GDP was 46% from service-related business

    which surpassed (eclipsed) the 44% of GDP from industry (manufacturing).
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