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  1. NagyKiss Senior Member

    makkolni, makker
    What does this word mean, and what are its origins?
    Unfortunately I cannot give you any exact quotes, but I can provide a general context.

    In computer games, when someone is winning not because he is skilled, but due to dumb luck, he is called "makker" or he is "makkol(ni)".
  2. Encolpius

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    Dumb luck is also called "mák" in Hungarian slang... Mákod van = you are lucky
    So I think that could be the origin...but I do not know anything about computer let's wait for professionals...
  3. NagyKiss Senior Member

    Though I don't remember seeing it written with "á", I guess "mák" is the origin.
  4. tomtombp Senior Member

    I've never heard any of these, it might be a new trend among teenager gamers?
  5. Zsanna

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    Although Encolpius's suggestion is at least close (in form) and logical, I don't think "mák" is related to this "makker"/"makkol".

    The only meaning I know for makkol is to feed on fallen acorn in a forest - which doesn't seem to have much to do with the context given but at least the one language dictionary knows it...

    P.S. I tried typing in makker szerencsés into Google, and got quite a lot of results (nothing about the origins, though, apart from that it seems to be in English!). One is here. (It seems to be connected to a game called Counter Strike.)
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  6. NagyKiss Senior Member

    Wow, somebody actually got together a Hungarian's gaming dictionary! It is indeed in the game of Counter-Strike that I first saw this expression.
  7. Zsanna

    Zsanna ModErrata

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    I don't think you would see it elsewhere.:) It is too context specific in this use, apparently.
  8. Akitlosz Senior Member

    Makkolni means: to feed the pigs with acorns.

    What do you think is: Mákolni.

    Makk = acorn
    Mák = poppy

    Mákos = poppyseed / lucky

    Mákolni in the computer games = to be lucky

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