1. Hi, I'm trying to translate this quote (from Camus if I'm correct) that says "mal nommer les choses c'est ajouter au malheur du monde"
    Thank you
  2. Tazzler Senior Member

    American English
    My attempt: misnaming things is to add to the world's woes.
  3. LART01

    LART01 Senior Member

    La Haye Pays-Bas
  4. Thank you! A great quote to be used in any language!
  5. SkyScout

    SkyScout Member

    Polish French English-US
    I would translate this into English as either:

    "Misnaming things adds to the evil of the world."
    "Misnaming things adds to the world's misfortunes/woe"

    ...depending upon the tenor one may wish to impart.

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