Malay: bot pancung

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    No. Bot pancung is speed boat. :) Or "perahu motor cepat" in Indonesian. While, rickety boat is "perahu reyot" in Indonesian & "bot usang" in Malay. The brackets in the context above to show that the speed boat which the article meant is a kind of rickety boat, a dilapidated boat.

    Maybe you need another terms of boats in Indonesian and Malay. Here they are:
    - Steamboat: kapal uap/ kapal api (Indonesian) :arrow: bot api (Malay).
    - Fish boat: kapal penangkap ikan (Indonesian) :arrow: bot penunda (Malay).
    - Fishing boat: kapal nelayan/ kapal mancing (Indonesian) :arrow: bot nelayan/ bot memancing (Malay).
    - Tugboat/ tuwboat: kapal penarik/ kapal penyeret (Indonesian) :arrow: bot tunda (Malay). :)
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