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Youth jailed for assaulting his teenage wife

" ............ Investigation revealed that the couple has been married for a year and they were quarrelling as his wife suspected him of taking dadah after finding an apparatus used for smoking drug in his bag. ............."

Does "dadah" mean "illegal drugs" as well? :confused:
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    Maybe you have edited your reply. But, I just want to affirm that "obat" is medicine. If we are sick and go to the doctor, doctor would give us any recipe to take any "obat". If the "obat" is plural form, we say "banyak obat" or "bermacam-macam obat". If we say "obat-obatan", although without word "terlarang", they are drugs. Illegal drugs.

    - My father took medicines this morning (Ayahku meminum banyak obat tadi pagi).
    - My friend died this morning because of drugs (Temanku meninggal tadi pagi karena obat-obatan).

    Except in these contexts:
    - The student learned about medicines in a pharmacy school (Mahasiswa itu mempelajari tentang obat-obatan di sekolah farmasi). :arrow: one of subject of fields of study.
    - He should take traditional/ herbal medicines for the sickness (Dia harus meminum obat-obatan tradisional/ herbal karena sakit). :arrow: obat-obatan is followed by another adjective.
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    You are right. In ID, people get medicine from apotik by presenting the doctor's prescription. :tick:
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