Malay: Mi Wonton

  • Literally, yes. :D Indonesians are so passionate for foreign products or products with foreign names. There are Italian burgers (minced meet-cheese burger. Not like Italian original version), Shanghai ice (avocado-coconut-jackfruit ice with wafer), Salmon teriyaki (the salmon should be cooked well-done. Not like the Japanese original version), Kebab Turki (minced meet-vegetable bread. Not like the Turkish original version), etc. They are called like that, not because they are imported from abroad. But, as a part of promotion. They are made sometimes like the original ones, sometimes not.

    Just like me. I always write everything with the name of city/ town of any countries to make Indonesian readers love to buy my books. :)
    Jokingly, if I order a "Cantonese noodles" from a restaurant in other places. I may be asked to go home to cook my own bowl as noone firmly knows what it exactly is. :D
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    Of course. That's why we all are here to exchange languages/ linguistics/ literatures/ cultures-customs-traditions of any countries. :) On the contrary, if you come to Indonesia, then asking common people, "Where I could find a bowl of mi wonton"? They would show you a Korean restaurant. Because, it sounds like Korean term in Indonesians' ears. :D